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Is Lockdown Mode Really Locked Down?

I read a good blog article recently about a caveat with SSH keys and Lockdown Mode in ESXi 5 by William Lam at virtuallyGhetto. Now that SSH keys are fully supported in ESXi 5, and this will allow an authorized user to continue to log into the host even when Lockdown Mode is enabled, is Lockdown Mode really locked down enough?

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The Trouble with CA SSL Certificates and ESXi 5

For those of you that follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I’ve been having some fun this week with changing out the default VMware generated SSL certificates on a greenfields deployment of vSphere 5 that will be supporting a large public cloud. Changing certificates is nothing new, and in environments that are concerned with security it is common practice. However it has been my experience that changing certificates with ESX(i) and vCenter has always been a bit of a challenge (I have done it on vSphere 4.x before this).  It can be very time consuming and error prone, especially if you haven’t done it before. One of the things that makes it hard for people to get this right is that there is no one document or source of truth that explains in sufficient detail what the requirements and supported configurations are or how to implement CA signed ssl certificates in ESX(i) and vCenter Server. This has tripped up many organizations both large and small. I’m hoping that the information in this article will help and encourage more people to change out the default certs (to improve security), and make the process far more reliable and easier to achieve with vSphere 5. This article will focus on successfully changing the default VMware SSL certificates on ESXi 5 hosts with CA signed certificates using a Microsoft CA (it will also work with public and OpenSSL CAs, but I have not tested it yet).

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