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This page is dedicated to the great set of free tools that are available to help you make the most of your virtualization environment. Please support all the organizations and companies that make these great tools for us all.

VMTurbo Operations Manager Lite assures application performance while utilizing the infrastructure as efficiently as possible. It is a 100% free product for one VMware vCenter cluster with up to four hosts. (Sponsor)

VMTurbo Free Datacenter Stencils for Microsoft Visio and OmniGraffle (Sponsor)

VMTurbo Free Virtual Health Monitor (Sponsor)

VMTurbo Cloud Edition Free Trial (Sponsor)

SolarWinds Response Time Viewer for WireShark

SolarWinds Free VM Monitor

SolarWinds IP Address Tracker

SolarWinds AlertCentral

UniTrends Free Trial Software for Backup and Disaster Recovery (Sponsor)

UniTrends Free Tools – BCP Planning Tool and Recovery Time Actuals Calculator (Sponsor)

Veeam Free Tools for VMware and Hyper-V

Foglight for Virtualization – Free Edition

Robware – RVTools – Virtualization Inventory Swiss Army Knife

PowerCLI GUI to Edit VMware Hardware Version 10

VMware Labs AutoDeploy GUI

VMware vCloud Connector

vGhetto PowerCLI Scripts

VMware VMMark

VMware vCenter Converter

VMware vSphere Management Assistant

VMware Shared Utilities – CPU ID and SiteSurvey

VMware Labs IOBlazer

VMware Labs IO Analyzer

VMware Labs Visual ESXTop

VMware OS Optimization Tool

VDI Calculator


Final Word

The above is a brief list of free tools that are available to help you with your virtualization environment. I’ve used most of the above from one time or another. If there are others you recommend please let me know by leaving a comment and I will include them.

This post first appeared on the Long White Virtual Clouds blog at longwhiteclouds.comby Michael Webster +. Copyright © 2014 – IT Solutions 2000 Ltd and Michael Webster +. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced for commercial purposes without written permission.

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  2. Andreas Peetz
    Andreas Peetz at |

    Hi Michael,

    great list! Can you please include my tools in it? :

    – ESXi Customizer PS: a PowerCLI script to create and customize ESXi installation images


    – ESXi Community Packaging Tools: a Windows based toolset to create your own ESXi software packages (




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