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  1. Simon Mijolovic
    Simon Mijolovic at |

    Thanks Michael! Let's get the word out!

  2. Rob
    Rob at |

    Nice work – Shame on VMware for making certificate management such an arduous process though.

  3. Derek Seaman
    Derek Seaman at |

    I wrote a 14 post blog series on installing vCenter 5.1 with trusted SSL certificates. I'm in the process of making minor tweaks for 5.1.0A. As I update each post I'm making note of any changes with 5.1.0A, or issues that have been resolved. Inventory service SSL replacement seems reliable now.


    1. @vcdxnz001
      @vcdxnz001 at |

      Thanks Derek. That's a fantastic contribution. Will make sure I link through to it from this and my vSphere 5 SSL article also. I would suggest you align your articles with the information from the KB's as we have gone through and verified all the steps as working with all the components.

      1. Derek Seaman
        Derek Seaman at |

        Yup, been pretty busy but will be tweaking the articles a little bit more. Thanks for the shout out!

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  9. Hugh
    Hugh at |

    Has anyone successfully upgraded to vSphere 5.1.0.b using SSO in HA mode with SSL certs and a VIP on a load balancer?

    I've engaged VMware technical support and not one person on their floor of technicians has done an upgrade to 5.1 using SSO in HA configuration with a load balancer and SSL certificates. VMware's documentation isn't great for the SSL part when using a load balancer with SSO in HA mode….. Its ok if you do the single vCenter, SSO, Inv all in one install for small environments…but not if you want redundancy.

    I'd be interested if anyone in VMware support has successfully got this working?

  10. Hugh
    Hugh at |

    Hi Micheal,

    We have considered it, but because we pay a lot for Enterprise edition licenses, VMware should provide proper documentation or make it simpler to upgrade to 5.1 and also prepare their technical staff to be able to support the more complex installs, such as the SSO servers in HA config with SSL certs. Many in the VMware community think VMware has really dropped the ball on this one.

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  12. Jonathan
    Jonathan at |

    There were 4 points that I thought deserved clarification and used the feedback link as well as a SR to encourage on KB 2037432.

    1. They indicate that the DN must be unique via OU matching the component function. They do not however list what to do if you have multiple servers running the same function (i.e. multiple vCenters). In this case, would the different CN be enough or do the OU need to not only be the function but vCenter environment.

    2. They do not have a warning that the real hostname FQDN must be last in the SAN list. http://virtuallyhyper.com/2012/08/srm-5-x-custom-

    3. In KB 2015499, they reference 2037432 but to not provide a suggestion on what a proper OU would be. This is also related to the first question.

    4. Is the name rui.csr/key/cer required or just conventional? When dealing with a large number of certs, it makes more sense to prefix the host shortname just to be certain you don't get your rui* mixed up accidentally.


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