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  1. George Williams
    George Williams at |

    Very interesting, thank you.. one question: what do you think of the vCloud Integration Manager guidelines for a public cloud, released here? vmware.com/pdf/vCloudIntegrationManager10_Cloud_Guidelines.pdf

    Do you think that this design would require two separate VLAN connections if co-locating inside a datacenter, or it would be possible to have a single VLAN to the internet and still adhere to the design?

  2. George Williams
    George Williams at |

    Thank you Michael.. sorry for the confusion: yes it would still be for public cloud use case, my problem was my colo provider could not offer two separate internet vlan's (i'm only referring to the internet connection vlan's from my colo provider, not my internal/private VLANs)

    According to the diagram from the above pdf I (snapshot here: http://www.picpaste.com/Screen_Shot_2013-02-02_at… ), the right part shows one connection needed for the customer's workloads, and one connection needed for my cloud management workloads (where my central firewall sits)..

    unless if im not interpreting the diagram correctly?

    Keep up the great work!!


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