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  1. Tariq Shahzad
    Tariq Shahzad at |

    yesterday i have deployed same scenario in our environment & able to add proper 48TB Storage on esxi server 5.1 with following VMware KB,


    Tariq Shahzad

  2. Sebastien Simon
    Sebastien Simon at |

    hi michael, thanks for this info. do you know if it´s apply only to Vmdk's on Vmfs or also on nfs ?

  3. Cormac Hogan
    Cormac Hogan at |

    Just an FYI. If you upgrade from a previous version of ESXi, you inherit the previous heap size which is 256MB maximum. You will then have to edit the Advanced Settings of the host and increase it accordingly. New installs get the 640MB by default as Michael states.

  4. daunce
    daunce at |

    Great info Mike & Cormac. About to add a VM with a large storage footprint, and i had to refer back to this article to check what the sizes were.

    The advance setting is under VMFS3.MaxHeapSizeMB.


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