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    Enterprise Manager Plugin for Oracle on VMware License Optiization

    Is confusion, or lack of knowledge around Oracle licensing policies and fees on VMware preventing your enterprise from leveraging the technical and business benefits of Oracle on VMware to the fullest?

    Blue Medora is seeking interested Beta participants to help us validate the features and functionality of a new Oracle Enterprise Manager (Oracle EM) Plugin, the Blue Medora Oracle Enterprise Manager (12c) Plugin for Oracle on VMware License Optimization.

    The plugin provides an Oracle-based solution to the problem of managing Oracle workloads on VMware mixed Cluster environments where virtual machine mobility dramatically increases the risk of Oracle license over deployment and overspending.

    The primary functionality provided by the plugin includes:

    • Reduce the risk of over deploying Oracle licenses within VMware Clusters

    • Mapping of virtualized Oracle workloads to the physical VMware ESX hosts

    • Detection, alerting, and remediation recommendations for vMotion and DRS Host Affinity related configuration issues

    • Recommendations for improved license optimization of VMware virtualized Oracle workloads

    if you are interested in seeing more detailed information about the EM12c Plugin for Oracle on VMware License Optimization, and/or you would like to participate in our beta program for this release, please view the page and beta request form by clicking this link:


    We greatly appreciate your input on this matter, so even if you do not want to be a beta participant, please consider sharing your thoughts on whether this set of capabilities would provide value to you and your enterprise. We are always interested in what customers think; especially when it comes to extending the reach of Enterprise Manager!

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