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  1. Frank
    Frank at |

    The vCloud Director based certifications, such as VCP-Cloud, VCAP-Cloud Infrastructure Design, VCAP-Cloud Infrastructure Administration, and VCDX-Cloud will all continue. They will continue to have value to customers that are running vCloud Director, and they’ll have a lot of value for public cloud service providers. VCDX-Cloud will probably be valuable only to public cloud service providers in the future, or to VMware Partners that are providing consulting and services around private and public clouds. It’s likely that VCDX-Cloud will adapt to non-vCloud Director technologies, especially as vCloud Automation Center and OpenStack become more a part of the VMware landscape.

    It is more that VCAP and VCP will be in that space. VCDX-Cloud already can be achieved by presenting a vCAC design.

  2. Artur
    Artur at |

    Hey Mike,
    good article, do you know when vCAC 6.0 become GA ? Hopfully not together with vSphere 6.0 🙂

  3. Busbar
    Busbar at |

    I know the date but I can't tell, but what I can say it is soon.

    1. Rupen Sheth
      Rupen Sheth at |

      It GA’s today. You can grab the bits from the download site.

  4. Alan
    Alan at |

    Good summary Michael

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  7. Paul Fries
    Paul Fries at |

    I've been meaning to tell you Michael, that this was a great post. I have referred to it often in the last few weeks when dealing with vendors and other in my professional space that are "poo-pooing" vCD because of the VMware announcement. "Oh, look what VMware did to VCD customers! They just left you out to dry."

    I am in the process of designing a global hybrid cloud solution, and I strongly believe that vCD certainly still has a role to play for some complex use cases. You are absolutely correct in stating that there is still not a feature-to-feature comparison between vCAC and vCD. And I am using vCAC 6 with NSX.

    Thanks for laying this out!

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  9. Emanuele Roserba
    Emanuele Roserba at |

    Hi Michael,
    about vCloud Networking and Security support ending a year earlier, I think a possible clue is that tools for perform a migration to an NSX based environment will be provided way before the end of support, this is based on information I extorted from VMware people during the last VMworld Europe.

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