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  1. mattcowger
    mattcowger at |

    "Less than 0.1% of the VCP population is currently VCDX"

    "as you can tell from less than 0.01% of VCP’s being VCDX"

    I know one is a subset of the other, but which is it?

  2. Hersey
    Hersey at |

    There is a LOT of value in the process. I learned a tremendous amount about myself and my abilities during the preparation and the defense.

    Definitely tough, but well worth it!

    Great post!
    Hersey – VCDX 2^7

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    […] VCDX Candidate Tips from Down Under Part 1 (http://longwhiteclouds.com/?p=3322) I read a couple of good articles recently from VCDX candidates that defended at Frimley in the UK. One successful, and one not successful on this occasion. Both articles Extra VCDX Experience Achievement Unlocked by Gregg Robertson and VCDX Recipe for Success by Rene Van Den Bedem (VCDX-133) offer valuable insights. I thought it was worthwhile repeating the comment I […] […]

  4. Gregg Robertson
    Gregg Robertson at |

    Thanks for the linkage to my blog Mike and for the advice that you rightly repeated here. The journey has been worth it and I've already learnt so much and will be learning even more for the retake in the future.

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    […] Webster (VCDX #66) @vcdxnz001 had a great post this week on the VCDX process with some tips on preparing and successfully defending. Great advice for anyone planning to (or even just thinking they might) work towards the VCDX […]

  6. vcdx133
    vcdx133 at |

    Hello Michael, Are you able to update my links? New blog is <a href="http://www.vcdx133.com” target=”_blank”>www.vcdx133.com and Twitter is @vcdx133. Cheers, Rene.

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    VCDX Prep Round 2 | TheSaffaGeek at |

    […] As some people may or may not know I attempted to defend my VCDX design two and a half weeks ago at the Frimley UK defences. Unfortunately I was lacking in certain areas as well as I let stress cloud my mind temporarily in my design scenario but I really enjoyed the experience and blogged about this in my Extra VCDX Experience achievement unlocked posting which received an unexpected amount of attention and even caused current VCDX Michael Webster to put out a blog posting around VCDX Candidate Tips. […]

  8. IT Solutions UAE
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    Great post i have learned a lot of values that helped me to know about me and my abilities while in period od defense and preparation.

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    VCDX Architecture Links | nxgcloud at |

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