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  1. Steve Walker
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    Whilst I think this is an excellent article, with a common sense approach also favoured by VMware – Oracle are still saying at their DOAG conference and other licensing discussion forums that they do not accept processor or host affinity rules on VMware. And even worse, that you should have separate shared storage and vCenter Server instances for each database cluster which you wish to license. In practice this means for v5.5 where storage vMotion is limited to a single vCenter instance that you should license all host servers defined by their vMotion boundary, and with long distance vMotion between datacenters in v6 who knows! It would appear that two camps already exist or are set to develop. Those who damn the consequences and will use host affinity until told not to by Oracle, or those who miss out on all of the great benefits brought about by hyperconvergence because they fear to be presented with a sizeable demand for license shortfalls. I still don’t know which side it’s worth being on, but if you’re implementing designs which involve Oracle on any virtualisation platform I think it’s worth running it by Oracle first. Does anyone know if Oracle have actually approved the host affinity approach on the Nutanix platform?

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  3. Mark
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    Oracle DB does not support running on VMware or AHV. I don’t know why Nutanix or VMware always say can.

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