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    […] the faster the read responses. If only you could load your entire database in memory (such as with SAP HANA and Oracle Times […]

  2. mmaz
    mmaz at |

    "You can run multiple SAP HANA instances of varying sizes on a single VMware vSphere Host.

    in production environments, just 1 SAP HANA VM per physical ESXi host is supported, see http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/SAP_HANA_on_vMwar


  3. Zoran Marjanovic
    Zoran Marjanovic at |

    Hey Michael, what's the reason your customers want to virtualise SAP HANA? Wouldn't that cancel or at least reduce the benefits it was supposed to deliver?

  4. Zoran Marjanovic
    Zoran Marjanovic at |

    But HANA is an in-memory computing platform that runs DBs in RAM only, so I'm no sure how it can benefit from high availability. What SAP is really after is something like FT, but it needs to support massive systems for which HANA was built. HANA is about performance (real-time ops and BI), while virtualisation is about savings, so near-native perfs…


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