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  1. Newsletter: June 29, 2014 | Notes from MWhite

    […] to do with Web Scale.  But I like both companies so I wish them well!  Update: I just found this as I was editing and it in fact explains it all better, and Web Scale actually makes more sense to […]

  2. » A Brief Look Under The Covers Of Nutanix OS 4.0.1 Release Long White Virtual Clouds

    […] disrupting traditional IT infrastructure by brining the benefits, simplicity and standardization of Web Scale IT to all scales of IT and all types of workloads. This is so organisations can concentrate more on […]

  3. Why are VCDXs flocking to Nutanix? | Nutanix

    […] Michael’s post on #webscale […]

  4. NPX Link-O-Rama | vcdx133.com
    NPX Link-O-Rama | vcdx133.com at |

    […] WebScaleIT Benefits for the Masses: Visionary Nutanix Teams with World Class Hardware and Distributi… […]

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