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    One of the additional factor is the HR cost required to plan, design, deploy and operate. And then again comes the refresher cycle.

  2. Nutanix VDI Example Architecture for 20K to 200K+ Power User Desktops | Long White Virtual Clouds

    […] The above solution delivers power consumption for power user desktops for < 5W per desktop and < 2.5W for task workers. Take a look at the Nutanix VDI Assurance program, go through the Nutanix Product Info and Tech Papers, and check out the Case Studies. As always your feedback and comments are appreciated. Let me know your thoughts on scalable, large scale VDI design. If you want to see how the Nutanix solution compares to other reference architectures check out Battle RA Royale: More VDI For Less Moolah. […]

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