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  1. Storage Portfolio Vendors want you to believe Silos are good » myvirtualcloud.net

    […] with SVVP and MSRP (read this article by Josh Odgers on Nutanix MSRP certification), SAP (read this article by Michael Webster), Avaya, MEDITECH, Epic (solution brief), Citrix (land page) and many […]

  2. .NEXT 2016; Bigger, Better, Facemelting Nutanix Innovation…. and XFiles! » myvirtualcloud.net

    […] Databases Love Nutanix – This session will show you how to run virtualized Tier 1 SQL Server and Oracle databases on Nutanix with the highest level of performance, always-on availability, and near-zero RPOs at nearly any scale. A Nutanix solutions engineer and experienced administrator will outline best practices for implementing and getting the best performance from your databases on Nutanix infrastructure. (Nutanix top customers have been running the most demanding databases on Nutanix for a while now and this is an opportunity to learn what should be considered to migrate your critical databases – I think it’s Michael Webster who is presenting this session – here and here). […]

  3. Simplified Sizing for Virtualizing SAP Environments | Long White Virtual Clouds

    […] Nutanix: First Hyperconverged Vendor with SAP Certified Platform […]

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