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  1. Preetam
    Preetam at |

    Super post and thank you so much. I’m currently working on oracle project where customer was forced to choose physical solution. Now I can use this article.

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  3. albertwt
    albertwt at |

    It seems that Oracle is targeting big company who is Virtualizing Oracle software in this case recently: http://www.itnews.com/article/3024411/what-does-a

    Thanks for sharing the experience here Michael.

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  5. Aaran Stent
    Aaran Stent at |

    Hi Michael, can you refer me to any informatio you have written in relation to SAN replication and Oracle licensing. My intent was to use some form of SAN replication (Vmware is my preference) but was informed by Oracle that this constituted a warm standby as I could power up ther VM at my DR site (I wanted to use the 10 day rule). I asked about tape backup stored offsite and they said this was acceptable but that over the wire replication (I wanted to do an RPO of 15 minutes) was not.

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