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  3. arielantigua
    arielantigua at |

    Can you post some picture of this? Looks like you are having so much fun in that LAB!!!


  4. Josh Odgers (VCDX#90
    Josh Odgers (VCDX#90 at |

    Looking forward to comparing notes on the FusionIO benefits.

    Get some VMware view goodness into your lab!

    1. @vcdxnz001
      @vcdxnz001 at |

      I've got VMware View 5.0. I use it for remote access and testing.

  5. Sweet home lab
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  6. Artur Krzywdzinski (
    Artur Krzywdzinski ( at |

    AWESOME lab man

  7. Anuj Modi
    Anuj Modi at |

    Lot of hardwork has been done in planning such a beautiful lab…hats off !!

  8. kunaludapi
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    1. kunaludapi
      kunaludapi at |

      "Server room" is in your bed room.

  9. Joe
    Joe at |

    Have fun replacing that every 3-4 years when the SAN and switches become obsolete.

    1. @vcdxnz001
      @vcdxnz001 at |

      There is a good chance it'll last for more than 5 years given I bought enterprise class equipment, but in any case I replace and enhance some of it each year and spread the investment over multiple years to avoid a massive single year hit.

  10. jasonboche (@jasonbo
    jasonboche (@jasonbo at |

    That is an amazing lab! Very nice!

  11. Gert
    Gert at |

    Awesome lab….

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  13. elvisnld
    elvisnld at |

    Great lab! Thanks for sharing ..

    How's the noise level with all those 19" dell's and so many 15k disks. Because this is the one thing most bothering me in my own lab.

    1. @vcdxnz001
      @vcdxnz001 at |

      Actually not that bad since I put it in the rack. But if your used to quiet then it is pretty noisy. The FC switch and CX500 array is very noisy though and so I don't have that turned on much. Plus it uses heaps of power.

      1. elvisnld
        elvisnld at |

        Thanks for commenting!

        Mmmhhh, i'm thinking of moving the stuff over to a friend, which has plenty of space. But i'm not quit sure if i'm gonna feel happy with working on the lab only from a remote location. Actually that's something i've never seen much on the net. Either it's a "Home"lab or a dc (co)location.

        Putting it in a DC seems to much hassle (limitations) and to expensive (around $ 149 – 169 a month).

        A remote (friends) location only would cost me a inet-uplink, i guess $ 39,- month and some electricity comp. *

        * My Power consumption is moderate, between 270 – 480 watts (@ 230 volts offcourse)

        i have 3 HP ML110G7 's as phy hosts, 1 big supermicro, 2x passive cooled cisco gbit sw, and one qnap 8xx (tier 4 like you) Main storage is a Nexenta zfs as vsa (with pass-through storage) and as secondary 2x HP

        p4000 vsa's (mirrored R10)

        Your correct to think "that's not 100% hcl stuff .. " Allthough i've had no single issue anywhere yet. At the time of starting the lab it was budget vs hcl.

        Well, enough off-topic raming for now i guess 🙂

  14. David Klee (@kleegee
    David Klee (@kleegee at |

    Fantastic lab! I'm super happy to see more people with great home setups. Great job!

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  16. Alessandro
    Alessandro at |

    Hi mate,

    Do you know where can i get those vault disks for Clariion CX500? I have a CX500 but no vault… Sad… 🙁


    1. @vcdxnz001
      @vcdxnz001 at |

      Hi Allesandro, I'm not sure where you can get the vault disks or how to create them. Have you tried looking for the procedure on EMC PowerLink? Perhaps you could find some spare parts on EBay or similar site.

  17. Matt Heldstab
    Matt Heldstab at |

    Michael. Thanks for all the hard work and effort to support the virtualization community. I reference your blogs at least once per month.

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  19. Iwan 'e1'
    Iwan 'e1' at |

    Whoa! This is the mother of all home lab. You need to get it registered for guiness book record mate! I'm fortunate to be able to use VMware ASEAN lab as my den.