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  1. vSphere 5.1 Generally Available – Important Upgrade Considerations « Long White Virtual Clouds

    […] Optionally supports SSO for authentication. Storage Tiering within a single PvDC may change how you want to define your service offerings and pricing/charging within a PvDC. Org vDC Networks constrained within an Org vDC replace Organization wide networks as the default. There is an option to ‘share’ Org VDC networks to maintain compatibility and allow a smooth upgrade. VXLAN now integrated in vCloud Director and part of vSphere Distributed Switch (note name change). RHEL 6.2 now supported as a vCD Cell OS. You will have to upgrade vShield Manager as part of the upgrade process and this may require a change of virtual hardware configuration (see Kernel Panic in vShield Manager after Upgrade to 5.1). […]

  2. Welcome to vSphere-land! » vSphere 5.1 Link-O-Rama

    […] Manager (KB Article) After upgrading to vSphere 5.1 vShield Endpoint stops functioning (KB Article) Kernel Panic in vShield Manager after Upgrade to 5.1 (Long White […]

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    Hi Michael – thanks for this. I ran into the kernel panic issue as well after upgrading, unfortunately i didn't see this post until the next day. I assumed it was related to the ram/cpu change so i set them back after the kernel panic appeared, but it didn't resolve the issue with the upgraded appliance. I reverted to a snapshot and tried the upload again from vshield manager, but now i'm having issues getting the upload to complete, as the install button never appears in vshield manager (i've tried using msie 8 and 9). i've been watching the upload seemingly complete in the appliance by running "show filesystems" to ensure that all of the data arrives (there doesn't appear to be any other viable user feedback for this process), increasing the Used value /dev/sda6 by the size of the uploaded .bin file. Unfortunately the install option never appears in vshield manager after the upload seems complete. i'm working with vmware tech support on this issue now.

  4. zelig8
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    So I believe I have this resolved, and it appears to have been an issue with virtual disk space similar to KB 2035939. I needed to revert again to my snapshot, then from the console enter “en”, provide the admin password, then clear up some space by entering “purge log manager” then “purge log system”. This freed up a modest amount of space on /dev/sda3 and I believe /dev/shm, but didn’t have much impact /dev/sda6 which is where the upload of the bin is placed. I then initiated the upload from vShield Manager and it completed, displaying the install link. However, the version displayed for the update was 5.0, which concerned me until I clicked “Install”, and the confirmation screen showed the 5.1 version. I’ve now got the appliance updated and will implement your recommendations. hope that is helpful to anyone else encountering this issue.


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