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Sign-up for Virtualizing Business Critical Applications Boot Camps at PEX 2013

For those of you who are VMware Partners there will be a number of advanced bootcamps at Partner Exchange 2013 (PEX) in Las Vegas next month that will help you get your Virtualizing Business Critical Applications (VBCA) competency and accreditations. The bootcamps are designed to give your people all the VBCA specific training they need, and also will provide the opportunity to do the required tests.  This will be one of the best chances to get this competency, and in a very efficient manner. Here are the links to these sessions in the PEX Content Catalog.

To find out more about what the Virtualizing Business Critical Apps competency is all about and what the requirements are you can check my article Virtualizing Business Critical Applications on VMware.

CI1452 – Solution Track – Virtualizing Business Critical Applications Boot Camp

CI1525 – Virtualizing Oracle Database with VMware Boot Camp

I’ll be one of the instructors on the Oracle Bootcamp and I’m very much looking forward to sharing all my performance and architectural knowledge around successfully virtualizing Oracle, including all the tuning to make it run optimally. Be prepared for some deep dive on performance, architecture and tuning.

CI1464 – Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server with VMware Boot Camp

CI1527 – Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange with VMware Boot Camp

CI1529 – Virtualizing SAP ERP Software with VMware Boot Camp

Final Word

These technical boot camps will be advanced (with the exception of the sales boot camp) and very intensive. Be prepared to learn. There will be a lot of deep dive content and your instructors have a huge amount of practical real world experience. This will be one of the best chances to learn how to successfully virtualize Business Critical Applications. Spaces will be limited so the sooner you register for the boot camps the better. The PEX content catalog is now live so I would recommend you register now. I look forward to seeing you there.

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