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  1. Eric Sloof - NTPRO.NL
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    Video – vCert Manager…

    vCert Manager A massive area of pain for customers in a virtualized environment is managing SSL certificates and keys for components in the VMware stack. Currently under development, with a scheduled release in November 2012, the vCert Manager is a so…

  2. VMware vCert Manager | AKMyint's Space
    VMware vCert Manager | AKMyint's Space at |

    […] This post share from Michael Webster ”Long White Clouds – Automating vSphere SSL Cert Management – vCert Manager Beta Demo“ […]

  3. MM
    MM at |

    Too bad VMware couldn't just bake this into vCenter as part of the product. Would make too much sense, wouldn't it?

  4. MM
    MM at |

    But I will say that you and VSS Labs did a really good job here. Security should be this easy. 🙂

  5. Derek
    Derek at |

    Ya, fundamental security like using trusted SSL certs should be not be a bolt-on product. If the OEM can't bake security right into the product, that OEM has a serious problem. It's really great VSS has taken on the challenge, and I'm eager to try it out. But we should all be asking, why did VMware make it so difficult in the first place to operate in a more secure manner and why does it just get worse (i.e. vSphere 5.1) and not easier?

    To me VMware values pushing out new features far more than trying to secure the core product for everyone. Hypervisors are so fundamental to security that the vendor should make it nearly idiot proof to harden the subsystems, not require 30 pages of tedious steps that have a low success rate.

  6. satchelmouth (@satch
    satchelmouth (@satch at |

    Ironically, I signed up to the early adopter program the day before I had a disastrous Easter weekend with a vCenter SSL cert on 5.1 (goodbye dbo.vpxaccess entries, hello VCDB restore) so this tool cannot come fast enough.

    Even VMWare support is referencing this upcoming tool and waiting with anticipation 🙂

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