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  1. Derek Seaman
    Derek Seaman at |

    I agree 100%! In my environments I usually setup a two node critical services/management cluster for AD, vCenter/SQL, and other IT infrastructure mission critical services. This helps during cold power ups, as you know your vCenter, AD, and SQL VMs are on one of two hosts.

  2. Andrew Mauro
    Andrew Mauro at |

    A management cluser could be really recomended in each mid-enterprise environment. Or in enviroment with mixed virtualization technologies, like vCloud Directory (but not for all the hosts) or View

  3. Tim
    Tim at |

    How would the licensing work? We currently have a single 4-node cluster under vSphere Enterprise Plus. If I scrounged up 2 additional hosts for a management cluster, would they need to be licensed the same as production? I have a feeling this might be difficult to justify to the check writers as I'd potentially need another 4 CPU licenses.

  4. Tim Sommer
    Tim Sommer at |

    Anyone know what happened to the article? The link is dead. Please post it if you have it!

  5. Matt Ray
    Matt Ray at |
  6. VMware vRealize Management Packs for Nutanix | Long White Virtual Clouds

    […] first place. If you are going to run these management tools and others you should consider having a management cluster, that is separate from the infrastructure being managed. You should also consider the backup, […]

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