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  1. SAP en Microsoft lopen voorop met licenties voor virtuele omgevingen | EarlyBert

    […] Michael Webster noemt met name SAP en Microsoft als twee positieve uitzonderingen daarop. Hopelijk volgt de rest binnenkort ook. […]

  2. Vesna Ergarac
    Vesna Ergarac at |

    I couldn't agree with you more, and i loved your article. Just like with virtualisation, companies can be very slow to respond as they are not catching on quickly enough, simply because most of them in the upper echelons of management are possibly not technically sound enough to make smart economical decissions that would also prove to be profitable and business effective.

    I have seen this in Australia when virtualisation was just taking off – a lot of people didn't understand what the fuss was about and refused to consolidate their infrastructure, and are still playing catch-up.

    And i agree, networking and storage are still not being fully utilised. I was always keen to see VLANs being trunked across physical ports, first because its so easy to manage when it comes to cabling, and secondly, if the troughput and the network I/O on a specific VLAN is minimal, why not bundle those VLANs together and push them through aggregate physical ports that have ample bandwith ???(and i will leave secure environments out of it, most of them still require physical separation of logical VLANs…)

    I'd love to continue this discussion but i have to run now, i'll have to tune in later on…


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