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  1. Courtney
    Courtney at |

    Wow, that was a great article. Thanks for providing us with your in-depth reasoning and also that myth-busting section. I was wondering from your perspective, what are the overall top 5 business-critical applications that businesses are trying to move to the cloud? I'm interested to hear your answer since it seems you have a vast range of experience with different types of businesses. Thanks Michael!

  2. Greg Lenczewski
    Greg Lenczewski at |

    Another great post Michael.

    To me it seems like there is still stigma associated with virtualizng BCAs due to platform on which they're running is virtual. Like you've mentioned in your article, assuming the appropriate planning, design and implementation, there is rarely a reason to go physical at this point.

    What I'm also interested in hearing from you is from your experience, do people tend to rebuild their vSphere environments or do they build a separate environment to support BCAs?

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