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  1. PiroNet
    PiroNet at |

    I like such reports. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW on what kind of HW (brand/model) is running this 48 vCPU’s SQL Server database?

  2. Matt Heldstab
    Matt Heldstab at |

    One of the more fun blog posts I have read in awhile. VMworld was indeed awesome this year. Thanks, Michael.

  3. Andy Banta
    Andy Banta at |

    Fencepost error: this being the 10th VMworld meant the first was in 2004, which it was. Not 2003.

  4. Amitabh Dey
    Amitabh Dey at |

    Great post, Micheal! Simply loved reading it! Good job. – Amit, Singapore

  5. Neil young
    Neil young at |

    Great read Mike whilst waiting for my flight. Congratulations on making the top 10.

  6. Kirk Bellmore
    Kirk Bellmore at |

    Nice article, enjoyed the fun facts! I will make it a point to attend your session next year.

    Kirk Bellmore

  7. Mark Brunstad
    Mark Brunstad at |

    1 is the number of people that hold more than one VCDX Certification. Tomas Fojta is both VCDX-DCV and VCDX-Cloud and he is also the first recipient of the John Von Neumann VCDX Achievement Award – which was given out for the first time at the VCDX/vExpert Reception by Pat Gelsinger.


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