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  1. Ronald
    Ronald at |

    I believe "vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enter" and "vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_exit" still work just fine. Matter of factly I have used them to upgrade a 5.1 to 5.5 using the CLI. As for the reboot, "dcui" will also allow you to reboot the box.

  2. Ronald
    Ronald at |

    Or issue a plain "reboot" right there at the prompt. No apparent reason why this should not be done, when in maintenance mode…or even when not to simulate an unexpected shutdown/reboot…

  3. Garfje
    Garfje at |

    More annoyingly, “maintenancemode” has to be “maintenanceMode” or the dummy is spat. Not very consistent.

  4. Dan A
    Dan A at |

    Enter maintenance mode – esxcli system maintenanceMode set -e on
    Exit maintenance mode – esxcli system maintenanceMode set -e off
    Status – esxcli system maintenanceMode get

  5. gman
    gman at |

    “vicfg-hostops –operation reboot” doesn’t work in 5.5, just logged in via ssh and tried it. nothing worse then a post without validity… now if there is something else you left out then again, nothing worse than a post without all the details…

  6. shailen
    shailen at |

    how to put ESXi 5.0 in maintenance mode through CMD…

  7. Damián Rodríguez
    Damián Rodríguez at |

    Very useful post!

    You can also shutdown all host VMs using two ESXi integrated scripts:

    /sbin/shutdown.sh && /sbin/poweroff

    Source: http://www.sysadmit.com/2016/07/vmware-esxi-apagar-todas-las-vms-desde-SSH.html


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