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  1. Craig
    Craig at |


    Looks like it's going to be a very useful book.
    Any chance it'll be published on the Kindle?


  2. Ben Loveday
    Ben Loveday at |

    Good work Mike, I’m looking forward to reading it!

  3. Dan
    Dan at |

    Hi Michael,

    This looks like a must have for everyone serious about virtualizing SQL.

    Any chance for a similar book on Oracle?

    Thank you!

  4. Charles Gillanders
    Charles Gillanders at |

    Just pre-ordered it on Amazon

    I've been looking forward to this for a while now!

  5. Newsletter: July 11, 2014 | Notes from MWhite

    […] in this book.  I have already purchased it but I have not seen it yet.  Check out Michael’s article on […]

  6. Terry Love
    Terry Love at |


  7. Mick Wang
    Mick Wang at |

    Can't wait to get a copy!

  8. » VMworld 2014 Wrap Up Long White Virtual Clouds

    […] Then I moved on to opening acts at VMunderground that was put on by vBrownBag. I was on the storage panel and it was a good discussion around Virtual Volumes, Hyper Convergence and Flash. I even agreed with a traditional SAN vendor that hyper converged appliances will not help SuperDomes and Mainframes, but then again I can always migrate the workloads and processes off those systems, and the Unix mid range systems as well, to a Hyper Converged world. SuperDomes, Mainframes and Unix systems is where the legacy SAN technology will stay for the foreseeable future and it will be a decline over a number of years, just like we’ve seen with the traditional big iron systems themselves. The move away from traditional SAN for x86 connected environments isn’t going to happen over night, but it’s a trend that is starting to take hold, but honestly it’s not even scratching the surface of the potential opportunity yet. The announcements from VMware and EMC around their hyper-converged offerings are just more validation of that. Flash is definitely the way of the future, and it opens up things that were previously not possible. I have a section on flash technology in the storage chapter of Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware. […]

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