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  1. Rohan Maloney
    Rohan Maloney at |

    Great Post.. I agree firmware upgrades for storage should be free and done for the customer. my biggest fight is trying to convince the customers that firmware updates are very important.

  2. Virtually Everywhere
    Virtually Everywhere at |

    FW upgrade being disruptive in this day and age is a crime. Having said that, XtremeIO sales guys should take this on board and get replacement arrays for customers who don't have the time to go through this process, after all nothing else in the architecture changes and one can use vMotion to move the workloads. I am working on a project where the client has bought 10 x bricks and am having a hard time convincing them not to put any data on it since moving the workloads is not an option (badly designed VDI).

  3. kalenx2
    kalenx2 at |

    An unpopular stance I am sure, but I actually disagree with a core issue in this post and most of the comments here and at other sites. Yes, standard firmware updates should be free and non-disruptive. Standard defined as bug fixes and maybe small upgrades. However, major improvements to performance and usability do not fall under standard firmware upgrades. Is Apple swapping out everyone's iPhone to the just released iPhone 6? Of course, not.
    I believe the mistake that EMC has made, is that they should have just EOL'd the existing platform and released 3.0 as the next gen release. Problem solved. I think they are now suffering the old adage – "No good deed goes unpunished".
    For the record – I don't work for EMC or any of the competitors. I work for a testing company where I get to work with all the storage vendors. From my perspective, EVERY firmware upgrade has the potential to be disruptive. Best advice – backup and test prior to migrating. No matter which vendor.

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