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    […] end storage (Such as Silly Little Oracle Benchmark – SLOB which was used for my article All Flash Performance on Web Scale Infrastructure). But these factors make it deal to test in a modern converged infrastructure and hyper-converged […]

  2. kevinclosson
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    Hello Michael, I enjoy seeing SLOB in use for platform testing. Can you please refer your readers to the main SLOB page though? That link would be: http://kevinclosson.net/slob/

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    […] had first written about using SLOB in my article All Flash Performance on Web Scale Infrastructure. The tests there were based on using a single 2 Node Oracle RAC Cluster to drive load, whereas the […]

  4. Xiaojun Shao
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    Assume that the VM on a all flash nutanix has only a single vdisk. When this VM performs disk IO, will Nutanix stripe the data to all local disks at the same time, or will it only store on local disk sequentially?

    If it is the latter, what if the VM has multiple vdisks? I wonder if RAID on a local disk is feasible?

    1. @vcdxnz001
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      Data is accessed by extents and extent groups, which are spread over multiple physical disks. There is no RAID used in the system on local disks as it isn't necessary. Data is protected by replicating it across the cluster. If a checksum failure, or other event means any single copy of data becomes unavailable it will be repaired transparently. If a VM has multiple vDisks it will split IO across those disks and allow for more queues in the OS, there are also more threads available to work on the vDisks at the back end, which results in better performance. The Nutanix platform is designed like a public cloud, so that no single operation can monopolise system resources. To get the best performance multiple disks can help for large databases as an example. This is similar to how MS Azure and AWS work as well.


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