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  1. David Pasek
    David Pasek at |

    Congrats Sebastian!!! Great achievement! Your father must be proud of you! It is always a pleasure and lot of fun when son and father have the same passion. My son is just 2 years old so he is currently interested just with iPad 🙂 Hope to build similar IT team with him soon.

    BTW: I also believe young boys & girls interested in computers and IT generally should have more possibilities from early age. I personally started playing with computers and programming when was 12 years old back in 80’s. I had a pleasure to be member of some computer clubs and it helped me significantly with my future IT career. For example, I was selling my first commercial software programmed in object oriented programming language when I was 15. It was a fun and I had possibility to invest all earned money back to my computer & accessories toys 🙂

    I wish Sebastian a lot of fun with IT and I recommend to not concentrate only on infrastructure but also in programming because the future is in software defined infrastructure, right? Therefore software skills are very important. Just my $0.02 🙂

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  3. Justin Durrant
    Justin Durrant at |

    This is awesome! Well done!

  4. Dhanee Dewangan
    Dhanee Dewangan at |

    Congrats Sebastian!!!


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