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  1. Cory Cater
    Cory Cater at |

    Hey Michael! I sat in on your “DBs Love Nutanix” at .NEXT recently. Very good session.

    We’ve been waiting for something like the UNMAP/TRIM primitive for a long time. You can achieve the equivalent by writing zero’s within the guest, but in a large environment this really isn’t practical.

    Can you tell me, is UNMAP only supported in AOS4.7 on AHV, or is it supported with AOS4.7 on ESXi 6.x as well?

    1. @vcdxnz001
      @vcdxnz001 at |

      Hi Cory,

      Due to using NFS on ESXi the unmap commands will not be passed through as it requires block storage. However writing zeros will work. If you are using AHV it gets passed through and works automatically. I agree writing zeros isn't practical in an enterprise environment.


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