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    VM's on the same host on the same vlan can talk directly to each other..So vShield App solves a problem VMware created themselves? 😉

    1. @vcdxnz001
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      That's not actually true in all cases. Two VM's on the same VLAN but on different port groups can't directly communicate with each other through the host and must go out to the network. Likewise with VM's that are on isolated private VLAN's. But vShield App allows the inspection of every packet going through the host and enforce security policy effectively in the cases where VM's could communicate directly without going out to the network. It also gives security admins more visibility of the virtual environments and allows a separation of duties that would otherwise not be there. Having VM's with the ability to directly communicate without the overhead of going out to the network while still implementing the necessary security policy allows for much greater performance and lower latency than would otherwise be the case. So although this was a situation of having VM's directly communicate without network visibility was created by VMware it was done for a reason, and is not always the case depending on the solution you implement.

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