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  3. Whysyn
    Whysyn at |

    Any thoughts on getting the name used by Update Manager to update? I installed a commercial cert using a lot of information on your site (THANK YOU!). Now I get an error that the certificate name mismatches when installing the Update Manager plugin.

    1. @vcdxnz001
      @vcdxnz001 at |

      Hi Whysyn, Which host is your Update Manager installed on? The cert used for Update Manager needs to have the correct FQDN, else it will report a mismatch. It's also possible that update manager is registered with vCenter using a short name or IP, what did you enter when you installed it? In the case of short name it may be possible to use the Subject Alternative Name in the CSR to get the cert working. But this is a bit inconvenient if you have public CA certificates given the costs.