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  1. Chris Ruotolo
    Chris Ruotolo at |

    Michael, Thanks for the excellent guide, worked like a charm!

  2. ithop
    ithop at |

    Nice article 🙂

    I deployed the latest CE of Nutanix, but when I try to create the cluster, I have this error

    cluster: command not found

    Can you please help ?


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    NPX Link-O-Rama | vcdx133.com at |

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  6. br
    br at |

    Would it work on ESXi 5.5?

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  10. beginner_dude
    beginner_dude at |

    Great article!

    I had troubles with the vmdk file, datastore browser would not list it, the descriptor information in the article is outdated for ce-2017.05.22-stable.img.gz.

    I’ve found the following website that tells you how to create your own from scratch. Maybe the info gets included. Requires you to enable ssh on the ESX host but the rest of the steps are easy.



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