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  1. Andre Bracetti
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    Michael, to re-inforce your points I have finsihed converging my production environment into FlexPod architecture (UCS – ESXi 5.1- Nexus – Netapp – Cisco 3750-Lan) I am using jumbo frames on all my vmnics and i havent seen any issues at all, before migrating of course i was thorough on my research om jumbo frames and had a long test plan. I use NFS, and iSCSI for storage on the Netapp and also iSCSI boot on the esxi UCS blades. I haven’t seen any impact in performance only the expected gain in troughput and latency reduction. Jumbo frames are not enabled on my LAN swicthes but are on the Service template nics, Nexus , netapp interfaces, esxi vmnics (including vmkernel ports) …all is working well. No CPU increase in any of the networking devices was noticed either in any of the devices.


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