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  1. Jumbo Frames on your VMK Management Network « Long White Virtual Clouds

    […] Network used for HA. However I have run into other problems with Jumbo Frames support in the VMware VMXNET3 Driver when using the VMware Tools version from ESXi 5.0. My advice is that you should have a thorough […]

  2. Jumbo Frames on vSphere 5 « Long White Virtual Clouds

    […] Before starting this testing process I thought I was going to get a 15 – 20% difference between Jumbo and Non-Jumbo. I based this on previous experience and also that the offload capability of 10G NIC’s, Server CPU’s and 10G switches have all improved over the last couple of years. The difference was a bit less than I expected. But still a decent amount compared to what might be expected on a 1Gb/s network. I was not able to test the Jumbo Frames performance on Windows 2008 R2 due to a bug in ESXi 5 VMware Tools and VMXNET3 that prevents Jumbo Frames from functioning, see my previous post Windows VMXNET3 Performance Issues and Instability with vSphere 5.0. […]

  3. Jumbo Frames on vSphere 5 Update 1 « Long White Virtual Clouds

    […] because of a bug in the VMware VMXNET3 driver that was available at the time, refer to my article Windows VMXNET3 Performance Issues and Instability with vSphere 5.0. VMware has recently released Update 1 for vSphere 5, which has fixed the bug. I’ll share the […]

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