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  1. Adam
    Adam at |

    Do you feel there is a very distinct difference between a VCDX-DV and a VCDX-Cloud?

    1. @vcdxnz001
      @vcdxnz001 at |

      IMHO there is a very distinct difference between VCDX-DV and VCDX-Cloud. VCDX-Cloud requires a detailed understanding of Cloud architecture and all of the components that go into making that up, including an understanding of the foundation of vSphere. So you need to understand vSphere (and storage, networking, security), vCloud Director, vCloud Networking and Security, Chargeback, vCloud Connector and also the operational, consumption and applications aspects and the different type of clouds. I sort of see VCDX-DV as the foundation VCDX and then you can choose to specialise from there into either Cloud or End User Computing/Desktop.


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