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  1. Jannie H
    Jannie H at |

    Interesting development; as you seem to have the inside track, I have a question around availability: the press release seems to indicate dev & test support is available with on-site deployments, and prod support for 64GB off-premise (vCloud Hybrid-hosted) instances only – nothing bigger.

    The wording in your post (paragraph 4) is somewhat ambiguous and seems to indicate otherwise – prod support for on-premise deployments of virtually any size. Do you have any references I can use to back those claims with customers, or am I just not reading properly (again)?

  2. L. Parliament
    L. Parliament at |

    I’m interested in the current database and concurrent User limit of SAP on VMware. Also, is there anything other than the OSS notes that indicate you must turn off all over commitment in VMware to be supported. My concern is that there is so much hype around ‘cloud’ that even if it is not the best choice for the SAP application. The inbuilt ahead of their time, load balancing and memory management features in the SAP kernel since R3 are really the VM/Cloud features. Are we buying the same thing twice?


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