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  1. Ronald Buder (@Str0h
    Ronald Buder (@Str0h at |

    Congrats on passing. I see you had the same "fun" as I did. To think you're in a country where English is a first language, so you had 30 minutes less than me… We all the lock ups etc. I thought the timing was brutally tough.

  2. Wilfred Chege
    Wilfred Chege at |

    Congrats for passing the exam. I am also planning to give VCAP5 DCA. I would like to ask you whether you performed lab activities in exam with GUI or CLI. If i use GUI to perform lab activities will i have sufficient time to finish all questions.

  3. p0tluck@123
    p0tluck@123 at |

    I too had a bad experience while giving the exam in India, Due to the slowness, i was able to complete 13 questions and it resulted FAIL. I dropped a email to VMware on the slowness of Lab in exam and result staus. They gave me a Free Voucher to retake the exam. fortunately This time i was in UK and gave my VCAP5 DCA exam in Leeds in Global Knowledge Exam center. The Lab speed was awesome played will all 26 questions. I got my result yesterday With congratulation on passing VCAP5 DCA.

  4. daunce
    daunce at |

    Great info Mike. Do you have a link to the specific vBrownBag podcast?

  5. daunce
    daunce at |

    Ah, found it. On the vBrownbag site it's labelled as "vBrownBag – VCAP5-DCA Upgrade #3 – Storage with Alastair Cooke". Although Al's first slide is labelled "VCAP-DCA What's new – Storage".

    Watching it now.

  6. Omar
    Omar at |

    Hi, congratulations!

    One question, is it recommended to take VCAP5-DCA before VCAP5-DCD?

    I wasn't able to find any recommendation about that.

    Thanks and best regards.

  7. Albert
    Albert at |

    Congratulations Mike. Have been working since esx 2.5 non stop in all kind of situations and solutions. Even with lab i cannot cover everything to study. have no real san in my homelab, so difficult to test with nfs,iscsi etc. Should i be scared for the exam? Any question simulators to try out in my lab? Do i need to know cli and linux perfectly? Sorry for so much questions. Thanks

  8. Alejandro
    Alejandro at |

    Michael congratulations for you vcap certification and thanks a lot for share your experience
    Thanks and regards Alejandro

  9. Andras
    Andras at |

    Hi, congrats! well done.
    I am planning to take the exam on next week. just one question: How many lab sessions must be done only via vcli? and how many with powercli? I mean, when you can not choose between GUI/powercli/cli. I think i am a bit stornger in powercli, but after reading some VCAP-DCA exam stories it seems to be there will be more cli questions. And of course the blueprint confirms that.

  10. Sudhish
    Sudhish at |

    I have updated my VCAP5-DCA Exam Experience @ http://www.virtualites.com/2013/10/vcap5-dca-exam

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